Who is Ros Fiol?

Ros Fiol is a Cuban-American artist from Miami, Florida. He is a fourth-year student at the University of Florida and is majoring in both printmaking and mathematics: a combination suitable for a child of an artistic and engineering family.

Ros Fiol pictured in his studio, located on UF's campus

Ros Fiol pictured in his studio, located on UF's campus

As a child, Ros loved to pause movies and TV shows to sketch his favorite characters. Because of this, Ros fell in love with animation and cartoons. Ros, when it was time to go to college, decided that he didn’t want art to just be an option, but a career path. Two of his former art teachers helped him decide that he was to pursue a BFA at the University of Florida.

He threw himself into studio classes which allowed him to immerse himself in what he loved and to try new things. He gave printmaking a go and found that he loved it. Bob Mueller, an associate professor in the School of Art + Art History, inspired Ros to pursue and take interest in printmaking. Bob Mueller not only sparked a love for printmaking, but also made Ros feel at home in the School of Art.


A lot of Ros’ work is centered around where he comes from, his home, his family, and Miami. These works are abstract in nature to an unknowing eye, but Ros lets you in on the secret if you, too, are familiar with some of Ros’ hometown muses.

I was able to meet with Ros and talk about some of his most recent works. One of my personal favorites of his is his series titled, “The Boys.” When I asked about this series, Ros discussed his intentions for both pieces in the series. I was brought to the brink of tears.


“These [pieces] are sort of like a love letter to my family in a way. I wanted to reconstruct my memories in a visual way to show what was important to me growing up.” Ros also discussed his creative process for this series. He would listen to some of his parents’ favorite music while sorting through old photos—placing himself in a position where he could remember things fondly. While doing so, Ros was able to think both nostalgically and happily about his time at home. Through this process, he was also able to appreciate subtle aspects of his childhood that would have otherwise been ignored.

Ros also discussed the importance these two pieces will have when he is gone. He wanted to capture his feelings and memories in both of these works so others can peer into his mind. These paintings were also a way to solidify his memories and to keep them from fading away. He also hopes that these paintings, when his family sees them, can serve as a thank you for all of things he learned over the years—a final goodbye to his childhood.

If you are interested in learning more about Ros, you can find him at his solo exhibition on Saturday, April 13th. He will be showing his exhibition, “Roots,” at the SL8 Gallery which is located at 10 E University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601.

You can also see more of his work on his website.

Written by: Darby Webb, Prose Editor

Photos:The Boys, Ros Fiol's Website. Others by Jessie White, Photography Editor

Source: https://www.facebook.com/tealitmag/videos/2320490818275483/